Roofing is often a completely new area for many people. Once you start to research all of your options for roofing in Vancouver WA it can quickly become quite overwhelming. Roofing of any kind is always going to be expensive and a serious investment, so we understand that you need to find a company you can really trust that offers a good service at a value price. Here at Strong Tower Roofing Inc. we believe we have the experience and quality of service that will ensure you are happy with our work. We are proud of our team and their dedication. Not only are they experts in their field, they are all true professionals. Here at Strong Tower Roofing our dream is your dream, and we will help you make your roof a reality.

Roofing Services
Metal Roofs

When thinking about what kind of roof you want and need, metal is an obvious choice. Not only can you try a wide variety of designs and patterns, a metal roof has a good amount of benefits. Firstly, metal roofs will serve you a long time. That is because there are durable. They won’t corrode or break easily, and you’ll be pleased to know they only need maintaining periodically. Metal roofs are also safe, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient. They won’t spark flames, they are recyclable, and they will help you keep the heat inside your home.

Roofing Services
Cedar Shake Roofing

You’ll find lots of different types of roofing in Vancouver WA, but cedar shake roofing is probably one of the best-looking options. Having a cedar shake roof will make your home look beautiful, but also upscale. It may even add value to your home. Like metal roofs, they are also good at keeping the heat in and energy bills low, as they are energy efficient. However, installing a cedar shake roof requires a real expert, which we are pleased to have a team of here at Strong Tower Roofing Inc. Our reliable team has the skills to install and help you choose materials and fastenings, making us the best contractor to choose for roofing in Vancouver WA.